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I'm back... :-)

Jul. 10th, 2009 | 03:21 pm
posted by: megz33 in couragetotry

Hello! It's been almost a year! And guess what? lol, still the exact weight I was when I last posted. 142 lbs as of this morning. :-p

I'm not upset or angry or anything. I'm just at a point where I feel like I need to be healthier again. I eat out constantly. (I haven't had a home made meal in 3 days now! Only fast food and restaurants!) I sleep all the time, nap all the time... am tired the entire time I'm at work. I never have any energy.. and I can't remember the last time I ate a vegetable!! It's totally insane I know!

I start up at a new University this fall, and I'm going on a trip to England in 2 weeks and would like to get myself healthier and maybe looking a little nicer before then. :-) If that's even possible in such a short period of time.. but hey it will help at least a little right? :-)

So yeah.. I'm about to write up a list and go shopping! Just remembered this site and wanted to come in and give a little update and say hello! :-) I hope you're all doing well!


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Refreshing change..

Jul. 30th, 2008 | 09:32 am
posted by: slim_ivory_rose in couragetotry

Sometimes people can be so nice. When I ordered my  large light coffee frappuccino  (2.5 points) from Starbucks yesterday the girl behind the counter (who was bigger than me, and my BMI is 22 so I don't look 'fat') was so nice to me! "Do you know we have some 'healthy options' in? Some low calorie smoothies that are quite filling". and she made me a sample. Did she know the calorie content? yes she did! She was wonderful.
I don't think they make commission in starbucks so it was really refreshing to have someone be kind & supportive. I should have given her a tip but I had already paid!

Contrast that to the hassle I have with some of my friends(big & small), work colleagues and the guys at my uni cafeteria who think they are flirting, are you sure you want skimmed milk? what about a little sprinkle of chocolate?!  just another hassle, I'm going to try to get served by women from now on!  support is out there, I just need to find it :) bless that girl, she's made me so happy!

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Jul. 26th, 2008 | 12:03 am
posted by: erica_pie in couragetotry

After having dropped off the face of dieting planet, I'm hobbling back for an update.

As I've said many times, this summer has been an important step in coming to terms with my weight, eating habits, and health.  I've been achieving something that I have never been capable of.  Maintenance.

In my eyes, maintenance used to mean keeping my weight at my goal (whenever I was to reach it).  I've had a history of fluctuating weights and frankly, I am quite sick of it.  However, maintenance has taken on a new meaning for me.   I've finally reached the point where I am not stressing over every calorie or stepping on my scale every day.  To be quite honest, if I've lost any weight, it's only a pound or two.  I'm drinking my white chocolate mochas and having a Lindt chocolate truffle, but I'm also eating my grilled zucchini and onions.

I had a victory the other day.  I was pacing around my kitchen debating whether I should eat a Lindt chocolate truffle.  However, I could tell by the thoughts racing through my head that eating one could trigger a binge. I've already had one today.  If I eat this, how will I feel?  I'll feel guilty.  Do I really need it? Then I snapped.  Why do I have to have guilty feelings about food?  Just because I eat chocolate, it doesn't mean I'm a failure.  And I'm pleased to say, that I didn't eat that chocolate.  Not because I was afraid of developing thunder thighs, but because I don't want to eat out of guilt.  I don't want my eating to be fueled by emotion, unless that emotion is joy.

Life is about balance.  I'm proud to say that, I (a proclaimed ice cream addict) had a Dairy Queen blizzard tonight.  It was the first time I've had ice cream in about two weeks, and it really is much better when you don't eat it every day.

I'm not throwing in the towel and saying that I don't want to lose any more weight.  However, I'm going to take it slow.  Although this might be common knowledge to everyone, I've never done that before.  I'm just so much happier with myself and who I am, and I wish the best for all of you. :)


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(no subject)

Jul. 24th, 2008 | 12:31 pm
posted by: blotted_inx in couragetotry

Okay, so I've always had issues with how I look, who I am, etc. I honestly don't remember ever liking myself, which is kind of sad I suppose. I know you may think, "You're just a teen, you'll grow into your skin!" but I've always said that to myself and been told it as well, and I worry that it just won' t be the case.

Now, I'm posting this here because it's really aggravating that this is still the case. I've lost 20 pounds, completely changed my eating habits, and have been living very healthily for the past few months. I thought I would finally be able to be proud of who I am, and say to myself, 'You're doing great! You're working hard, you're looking better, and you're kicking ass!" One thing that really gets me, is that I nitpick at how I look more now than I think I ever did. I think I look worse and get down on myself more. I don't feel comfortable in anything I wear, and then when I start to, I look in the mirror and just want to cry.

Is there any advice any of you could give me to try and remedy this? I know it'll take time and effort but it's really hard to deal with such vain issues ontop of my other crap. I'll be starting therapy again once school starts, and I'm hoping that'll help some. She helps me realize that when it comes to my personality and character, I'm not a bad person. But I just hate how I look. I'm starting to not want to go out and the last time I was feeling this badly about myself was before I started medication and therapy over a year ago.

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(no subject)

Jul. 22nd, 2008 | 01:26 am
posted by: cosmianaut in couragetotry

Would anyone be interested in doing some sort of challenge and perhaps documenting it in this community? I'm thinking something simple such as, posting a daily positive thought, a good thing you did for your body, a good thing you did for your mind. Yes? No? I need some motivation.

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Back! and Struggles

Jul. 15th, 2008 | 07:30 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful
posted by: erica_pie in couragetotry

I apologize for the brief disappearance, my boyfriend visited for a week and I've just now been settling back into the sync of everyday life.  First of all, thank you to everyone who has joined.  I absolutely love all of your posts. <3

I started thinking about this when I wrote a comment to megz33's entry about our biggest dieting struggles.

Recently, my biggest struggle has been keeping a healthy outlook on the large change that I've made in the way that I go about being healthy.  I no longer weigh myself everyday or count calories.  However, I've realized that I am also finding tiny excuses that make it "ok" to eat ice cream every day or skip workouts because I don't feel like it.  Surprisingly the scale has not ballooned up and my week of eating out every night (I'm talking burgers, fried fish, ice cream, fettuccine) only resulted in a couple pounds of gain/fluctuation.

So here is my dilemma, I WANT to be healthy.  I want to treat my body the best I can and put things into it that fuel it and keep it running well.  I've realized that while my weight is alright (even if I still have a few pesky pounds to lose), my week of eating took a toll on the shape of my body.  My tummy was a little softer than before and my thighs not quite as firm.  These are tiny changes, which only I can see, but they do irk me a little.   However, a major step for me is not to obsess over these tiny changes, but actually to work toward a progressive solution.  I'm going to try to replace the junk food I'm eating with healthier choices.

I have been a work in progress this entire summer.  I went from a calorie counting fiend to more of a healthy conscious individual.  I'm still working on perfecting that. I need to be healthy for health's sake.  If I eat healthily (most of the time), my weight should naturally flucuate down to a level that reflects my healthy eating.   And, even though I may want to, I'm going to have to replace my daily ice cream habit with something better for my ateries! Hahaha :)


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Jul. 9th, 2008 | 09:18 pm
posted by: abdominia in couragetotry

So guys, what are your biggest problems in your "quest for a healthy life"? Any problem areas on your body that you can't get worked enough? Are your friends being a pain?

The major problem that I need help with is that I'm quite inexperienced when it comes to muscle training. I have no idea what exercises work the best, I have never bothered counting calories and I'm insanely lazy and have no "routine" when it comes to working out. I'm now trying to simply work out whenever I can - on lunch breaks at work, in front of the TV - and it's working quite well. My problem areas are deffo my thighs and tummy - I have fairly nice abs but it seems they are covered in layers and layers of fat. Argh. Any solutions, ideas or suggestions? :p

hope you're all doin good

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Take 1

Jul. 7th, 2008 | 11:36 pm
posted by: abdominia in couragetotry

Alright, hello guys,
I might as well start by giving you some basic facts;

I'm Jen
Finnish (hence the unit issues)
176cm which translates into 5'7'' if I'm not mistaken
~75kg which is ~165lbs
I live with my fiancé Sampo,
we have a bet going on to inspire each other to lose weight (me) / gain muscle (him)
I'm attempting to lose ~10-15kg , and that makes my dream (and goal) weight ~130lbs
My main issue is not having the motivation and strength to work out regularly, I'm lazy and very easy to convince when it comes
to have an ice-cream or staying home watching a movie instead of going to the gym.
I am also VERY fond of chocolate
I have a history of eating disorders and although I'm not physically suffering from any such at the moment, I'm constantly worried about my weight. I am not willing to go down that road again, but I admit that I'm constantly struggling to stay at a healthy path.
My journal is open for everyone, and you are welcome to follow my journey. However, this is merely a weightloss journal for me, and I hope you won't judge me as being a shallow person, as I only write about issues concerning it here.
I will, most probably, show very small progress in numbers. My strength and energy level is dramatically dependent and restricted due to severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other, yet unidentified disorders, but I'm working with a whole team of psychologists, psychiatrists and nurses in my therapy, and I'm taking this step by step and pound by pound, constantly keeping in mind that health comes first, sexy abs come second! Although I might come off as an introvert I mostly manage to see the positive things in everything, and I'm more than happy to try to motivate and support you, too.

Thanks go to the gorgeous Erica for staying positive as always and attempting to motivate us as well (:

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Cheesy Intro!

Jul. 7th, 2008 | 07:32 am
location: Work
mood: optimisticoptimistic
posted by: ponyjoe in couragetotry

Hi all :) My name is Stephanie, Im 24, live in Austin, TX, and have been on my weight-loss journey since December 2007. Here are my stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Starting Weight: 233 lbs
Current Weight: 211 lbs
Total Lost: 22 lbs
Short Term Goal: 180 lbs
Long Term Goal: 140 lbs
Left To Lose: -74 lbs

Starting BMI: 42%
Current BMI: 35.2%
Goal BMI: 20%
Left To Lose: -22%

Total Inches Lost: 18.375!

Even though I started in December, the process was slow, and I didn't really start 'getting it' until around March, when I really started to lose the weight.

I've been heavy my entire life, even through high school. My parents were both workaholics, which led to many McDonald's nights. (They got divorced when I was 6, and my Step-dad moved in with my Mom, where I lived mostly) By the time I was in High School, I had no basis for eating well, so I ate HORRIBLY. After school I'd come home and have 2 Hot Pockets. My parents weren't home for hours, and if I was bored/hungry, I'd sometimes resort to actually eating brown sugar out of the bag. In case you missed that, let me repeat. BROWN. SUGAR. STRAIGHT. OUT. OF. THE. BAG. We had no junk food, so this was what I resorted to. My parents constantly made comments about my weight, and my mother even resorted to saying she'd give me 10 dollars for every pound I lost. While the money was a nice thought, it just wasn't enough to motivate me.

In college, I gained at least 40 lbs, partying, pigging out while getting high, and I just kept getting bigger. Any attempts at losing weight were quickly diminished.

Now, looking back, there's no question in my mind of 'why' I got so heavy. It's very obvious. And part of me is extremely bitter at my parents for not teaching me proper nutrition, not focusing on the good stuff, rather than ALWAYS the bad (All As and 1 B, you bet your ass I was berated for that B), and then turning around and making me feel horrible for who I was. They focused so much on how FAT I was, but now WHY, or what they could be doing to help. They could cook me vegetables, but they never told me why I should eat them, you know?

Anyway, since I started all this weight loss business, its not just my body that has changed. EVERYTHING has changed. I have always ALWAYS been the fat girl, so this .. this is huge for me. I have never felt 'sexy' or 'thin' or any of these things, but there's no question in my mind that I'm on my way. It's so exciting.

In less than a month, I'm going to see my parents for the first time since I started losing weight, back at my highest, 233. I'm nervous and excited and terrified and elated all at the same time. This weight loss journey is for me, but in the back of my mind, part of it is for them too. For my Mom, mostly. I have waited so long for her to look at me and not feel fat, and I'm ready. I've still got a ways to go, yes, but even now it's such a difference, I just know she's going to be happy. It's going to mean a lot to me. My Mom is an amazing person (I know I made her sound horrible, she's really not!), and I love her SO much, and it will be so awesome to have her be proud of my weight loss.

As for recently, my TOM is here, so Ive got the obligatory 3 lb weight gain, and the girls are sore as all heck, but Im okay. I'm really happy. Exceptionally happy. Losing weight has been so much more than just losing weight for me. Its discovering myself, and Im liking what I find <3

Quick Before and AfterCollapse )

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Intro post

Jul. 6th, 2008 | 03:46 pm
mood: guiltyguilty
posted by: nerdsneedlove2 in couragetotry

So I joined this community after I got Erica's invite. Thanks Erica for creating a community for positivity and encouragement.

So..hmm..intro. Let's see. We'll start with stats.

Name: Riley
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Relationship status: adorkably single
Occupation: full time college student majoring in medical technology and part time data entry guru
Height: 5'0"
Starting Weight: 200 lbs
Lowest Weight: 112 lbs
High Weight: 200 lbs
Current Weight: 184 lbs
Goal Weight: 120-ish

I am on the south beach diet, and started it on June 2nd, 2008. I got down to 181.5 lbs a few days ago BEFORE the 4th of July, but on the 4th, I blew my diet all to hell. I drank WAAY too much beer with WAAAY too much carbs, as well as a hamburger with a bun, and a drumstick ice cream cone (or 2). So now I'm up to 184 again. 180 is my first short term goal though, and hopefully I will get there soon. I'm back on track with my diet and exercise plan, so I didn't let my holiday slip up spiral into giving up completely.

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